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A pre-law fall semester is like the red carpet at a movie premiere!  Everyone is watching and judging each other – what is she wearing?, who is he with?, are they back again this year?

LSAT scores, Letters of Recommendation, and Applications are your wardrobe and entourage while the LSAC and Deans of Admissions are the paparazzi and the critics.  Let’s see if you have what it takes to be voted “Best-Ever”!

Let’s start with “what did the camera see” …  Your undergraduate GPA and your LSAT score are a snap-shot, but they will be picked apart and interpreted as the first statistics to be judged.  Do your scores make you an A-list star or a D-list Diva?  Use LSAC’sUGPA/LSAT Search to compare your numbers.

Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors get new pics each semester.  How will you improve your GPA and LSATbefore the next photo shoot?  Seniors and Post-Grads need to maximize every “interview”.  Think of yourself as a Denzel Washington or Meryl Streep – Older and Wiser actors with depth of experience.

Next, let’s look at your entourage…  Your LOR, Application & Resume follow you everywhere you go.  Will they open doors or will they attract TMZ and tabloid magazines?  Did you choose a professor from this semester to write a current recommendation?  Does your application list all of your Box-Office hits (awards, organizations, conferences, degrees), does your resume describe a starlet or a Shakespearean Actor?

Finally, everyone needs a good agent… When you shout “show me the money”, CLEO will be your Jerry Maguire. CLEO programs like: CLEO Scholars, CLEO Connection, and A.S.A.P. are the best “acting classes” and “community theaters” to perfect your skills.  CLEO will teach you how to be competitive in the application process with legal experts, professors, and law school deans.  Choose your next CLEO event right now!

Now it’s time to feed your pre-law soul… You are going to need a break from time-to-time.  Bring your friends  and family together (they’ll keep you sane) and watch one of the American Bar Association’s  25 Greatest Legal Movies, read Great Legal Thrillersand articles in the pre-Law Magazine, and stay connected with CLEO scholars onFacebook.

At this time of year, when deadlines and responsibilities are piling up, please remember that you don’t need to apply to law school alone.  CLEO and your professors, advisors, friends, and family can help.

Author: cleowww