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CLEO Officially Launches New Original Podcast “CLEO EDGE” Examining Diversity, Access to Law School, and Issues Shaping Today’s Legal Profession

Alexandria, VA —August 31, 2022—CLEO CEO J.C. Polanco, Esq., MBA, the new executive of the leading national diversity pipeline organization for the legal profession, announced that the Council on Legal Education Opportunity, Inc. (CLEO), has just launched its podcast, “The CLEO EDGE” (Education, Diversity, and Greater Equality) The podcast offers insights into diversity, law school admission, and highlights trailblazers in the legal community, but can be enjoyed by any podcast fan.

“The CLEO EDGE” is off to a hot start with its first episode diving into a conversation with CLEO alumna and renowned attorney, Bernarda Villalona. Polanco and Villalona discuss how CLEO programs helped her achieve successes. She also gives advice to future CLEO participants on how to take advantage of its programs. Villalona, a seasoned trial attorney with 18 years of experience, provides legal commentary on various media outlets including CNN, ABC, NBC, Court TV, Black News Channel, Law & Crime Trial Network, and Univision.

Polanco said, “We are so excited to share CLEO’s storied history and to bring our stories alive. With more than 54 years of experience in the legal academy, CLEO has thousands of testimonies of success.”

Future podcast guests will be trailblazers in the legal field and diversity pioneers.

To contact “CLEO EDGE” for an interview or other queries, email:

To listen to the most recent episode of the show, check out “CLEO EDGE” podcast


About the Council on Legal Education Opportunity, Inc.

CLEO, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization committed to diversifying the legal profession by expanding legal education opportunities for persons from traditionally under-represented racial and ethnic groups, low-income, and disadvantaged communities. Founded in 1968, when the number of lawyers of color was less than one percent, CLEO has since had more than 28,000 high school, college, prelaw, and law students participate in its programs. CLEO alumni have excelled in every area of the legal profession to include judges, corporate attorneys, law school deans and professors, practitioners, and politicians. More information about CLEO, its 50+ year history, and its programs can be found at and

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