CLEO, Inc.


Edmund Vincent Yan

law school

University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law (2011)

current legal position

Principal Attorney of my law firm, Edmund Vincent, A Professional Law Corporation.

what your current (or former) legal job entails

My primary practice areas are Estate Planning, Business and Real Estate.  I am a former litigator who worked for private law firms handling a range of cases from inception to trial preparation, including wrongful death, fraud, and trust disputes.  In addition to my full-time law practice, I am also an image consultant helping men improve their wardrobe and build their confidence for their professional and personal lives.

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the impact CLEO made on your student and/or professional life

As I shared with pre-law students a few weeks ago at the AIE and ASAP seminar at Whittier Law School, CLEO has had a profound impact on my legal and professional career.  The Six-week pre-law summer program gave me a jump start to law school to which I attribute my solid 1L grades and writing onto Law Review.  CLEO showed me that anyone can become an exceptional attorney with hard work, passion, and the right support group, regardless of whether you fit the traditional profile that many people see in an attorney.