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CLEO EDGE PODCAST: Featuring Jennifer L. Rosato Perea, JD

Tune into the newest episode of CLEO Edge, featuring Jennifer Rosato Perea. She currently serves as the dean of the DePaul University College of Law in Chicago, Illinois. Dean Jenn has held many roles in academia, serving both in leadership and as an instructor. She is a published scholar, with...

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CLEO EDGE PODCAST: Featuring Robert Falk General Counsel Truth Initiative

In 2021, Falk joined Truth Initiative as general counsel. Truth Initiative is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending tobacco use. In this role, Falk is responsible for providing legal advice and counsel to the organization. He is also involved in developing and implementing Truth Initiative's legal strategies.

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CLEO EDGE PODCAST: Featuring CLEO Alumnus Bruce Jackson

To anchor in CLEO's focus on diversity in the legal profession, check out the newest episode of CLEO Edge, featuring CLEO Alumnus Bruce Jackson. Bruce studied law at Georgetown University, while developing his skillset as an advocate for diversity and inclusion. Bruce Jackson joins us to discuss his new book,...

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CLEO EDGE PODCAST: Gloria J. Browne-Marshall

To bring attention to the connection between Race & Law, check out the newest episode of CLEO Edge, featuring Gloria J. Browne-Marshall. She is a writer, civil rights attorney, and playwright who currently shares her talents as a Professor of Constitutional Law at John Jay College (CUNY).

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To kick-off and in commemoration of Women’s History Month, check out this week’s newest episode of CLEO Edge, featuring Sue-Ann Robinson, Esq. As the founder of Frontline Law Firm, Ms. Robinson is a boss in her own right working as a Defense Attorney, a TV Legal Analyst, and a Social...

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Creating Change of Her Own: Deborah Martin Owens Is a Pioneer of DEI

Deborah Martin Owens grew very excited about the possibility of  being a lawyer while watching “Eyes On the Prize,” the documentary about the history of the civil rights movement and “the pioneering lawyers such as Bob Carter, Constance Baker Motley, Thurgood Marshall, Jack Weinstein, all of the great people who...

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In 2023, Let’s Embrace Diversity, Not Division

Were he still alive, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would have celebrated his 94th birthday today. Regardless of the forum, his underlying message was, in essence, centered around achieving equity, justice, and peace through nonviolent means. Thus, Dr. King was a staunch advocate for "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion"...

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CLEO Alumna is Maryland’s First Deputy Executive Director

CLEO Alumna and Attorney, Veronica Dunlap, CLEO Alumna and Attorney, Veronica Dunlap, lives in two worlds—one, the powerful and passionate legal advocate; the other, a classical dance enthusiast. This is the story of a phenomenal lawyer, Deputy Executive Director of the ACLU of Maryland and a fellow Fordham Law JD...

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