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To bring attention to the connection between Race & Law, check out the newest episode of CLEO Edge, featuring Gloria J. Browne-Marshall. She is a writer, civil rights attorney, and playwright who currently shares her talents as a Professor of Constitutional Law at John Jay College (CUNY).

Throughout her career, she’s shown her commitment to her community by speaking and advocating about race and law at both national and international levels. Tune in to hear her journey through the professional realm of law and the obstacles she has overcome.

In this episode, Browne-Marshall speaks on the forces that actively work against the success of Black people in America. Segregation and hierarchies are just a few of the tools she mentions that have impacted the trajectory of BIPOC in the United States. Listen in to hear how ambition and knowledge of systemic inequities helped Gloria along her way.

Episode 8 is now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, & YouTube.

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Purchase “She Took Justice: The Black Woman, Law, and Power” by Gloria J. Browne Marshall 

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Watch Your Democracy, an animated series, hosted by Gloria J. Browne-Marshall as she explores the U.S. Constitution and how it continues to impact our everyday lives. Video is available at:

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