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– EPISODE 10 –


CLEO Edge Podcast Ep.10 – CLEO President & CEO, J.C. Polanco, Esq., MBA, sits down with Attorney Robert Falk, General Counsel at Truth Initiative, Fulbright Scholar, and graduate of Yale Law School.

Rob is also a dedicated member of the Board of Directors for the Council on Legal Education Opportunity, Inc.

Falk’s journey from mental health to law is an inspiring one. He originally planned to pursue a career in mental health but then realized that he was more interested in the legal aspects of social justice. He then went on to law school at Yale, where he focused on healthcare law.

After law school, Falk worked as a health care attorney at a law firm. He then served as general counsel of the Whitman-Walker Clinic, an HIV/AIDS social service agency. In 2009, he joined the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) as general counsel and corporate secretary. In this role, he helped the organization advance its mission of achieving equality for LGBTQ people.

In 2021, Falk joined Truth Initiative as general counsel. Truth Initiative is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending tobacco use. In this role, Falk is responsible for providing legal advice and counsel to the organization. He is also involved in developing and implementing Truth Initiative’s legal strategies.

Falk is a passionate advocate for social justice. He believes that the law can be a powerful tool for advancing equality and opportunity. He is also committed to helping others pursue careers in law.

Falk’s story is an inspiration to others who are interested in pursuing a career in law. He shows that it is possible to follow your passions and make a difference in the world through the law.

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